KleanKanteen TKWide Optional Caps
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KleanKanteen’s TKWide insulated water bottles are designed with versatility, and portability in mind, to create the best water bottle, iced coffee mug, sport bottle and insulated cup, all in one package. These 4 different cap choices give these bottles this versatility. The lids are BPA Free and use Polypropylene (pp#5), food-grade silicone and stainless steel construction. They are Vacuum insulated and have a large, easy-carry swivel loop handle. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe as well as leak proof. They are also backed by the lifetime Strong as Steel guarantee.

TKWide Café Cap turns any TKWide insulated bottle into an instant to-go coffee mug. The TKWide Café Cap features low profile design, easy-carry swivel loop handle and easy to disassemble construction that is dishwasher safe. Choice of Black or Taupe.

TKWide Twist Cap with built-in straw fits all TKWide bottles. Twist open the straw spout to quench your thirst or snap it closed for a completely leakproof lid. The Twist Cap is a dream come true for KleanKanteen fans who want both a reusable straw and a leakproof cap. Twist Cap is also equipped with new TK Closure™ internal thread design and an easy-swivel loop. NOTE: Not recommended for liquids above room temperature due to the metal straw. Choice of Black or Taupe.

TKWide Chug Cap is made for quick hydration. The wide spout lets you take in fluids fast when you need them most. Chug Cap’s versatile design features a convenient spout cover which protects against spills mid workout, and screws down securely for a leakproof seal when you’re ready to call it a day. Chug cap features new TK Closure™ internal thread design to keep drinks ice cold.

TKWide Loop Cap increases the thermal performance of our TKWide bottles with its integrated one-piece vacuum insulated stainless steel center. The cap creates a full stainless steel interior with double silicone gasket seal. This is your classic Kanteen cap and features a low profile design, easy-carry swivel loop handle and is dishwasher safe.

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